Tensabarrier TCN TensaCone w/ weight ring

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Part of the world’s first and largest range of retractable belt barriers

Ideal?for?indoor?or?outdoor?use?where?an?area?needs?to?be?cordoned off? during? cleaning? or? maintenance? work.? ? Easy? to? set? up,? each Tensacone® provides?13'?of?high?visibility?barrier . ?Connect?any?number of?units?to?make?a?barrier?of?any?length?or?shape?(straight,?line,?U, square).

Tensabarrier TCN TensaCone


  • Construction: heavy?duty?plastic?cone
  • Height: 40"?(including?belt?cassette)
  • Weight: 13.5lbs Cone
  • Color: yellow

Features & Benefits:

More?effective?at?restricting?access?than?cones?alone > lighter?and?faster?to?set?up?than?other?barrier?systems > high?visibility?yellow?cone?pre-printed?with?a?‘caution’?message > includes?steel?weight?ring?for?maximum?stability.

Wellavita, Inc - a Certified Women-Owned Small Business

Wellavita Inc is a distributor for major US brands of crowd control stanchions, public guidance barriers, and other products for managing waiting lines. Manufacturer of one-of-the-kind custom made velvet ropes and barricades.

Address: 329 W 18th St. Suite 705, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

Phone / Fax: (800) 930 0901

  • SAM.gov Unique Entity ID (UEI): DDKNFHXCMZC4
  • D-U-N-S number is: 080348446
  • CAGE Code for Wellavita is 7PX85

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