Tensabarrier 180 Rotating Wall Mount (7' - 13' ft.)

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A unique wall unit that rotates 180 degrees to cordon off any area at a variety of angles.

Features and Benefits

  • Incorporating all the benefits of a standard Tensabarrier® wall unit with the added benefit of a rotating cassette holder.
  • Saves on multiple units as only one unit is needed to cordon off areas at different angles within 180 degrees of the fixing.
  • The casing incorporates pivots, as the webbing is pulled out the unit dynamically changes to the required direction within the 180 degree angle
  • Areas can be cordoned off without taking up valuable floor space.
  • Quick and simple to install


  • 180 degree rotating unit.
  • Available as standard with a powder coated black casing and yellow rotating head unit.
  • Standard Tensator® anti-tamper tape-end provided.
  • Provided with an 898 wall receiver, which is screw mounted to the opposite wall or surface – additional clips are available to purchase.
  • Comes as standard with webbing connectivity – so other Tensabarrier® products can be connected to the side of the rotating head unit if required.


  • Available with 7.5 feet or 13 feet of colored, chevron or standard safety message webbing.
  • Custom printed webbing options available.
  • Optional tape ends available – magnetic, wire clip, panic break.
  • Compatible with Tensator’s glass and magnetic mounting options – making installation on any surface possible.

Belt End Options:

Tensabarrier 896 Belt End Option


Tensabarrier 896 Belt End Option


Tensabarrier 896 Belt End Option

Panic Break

Tensabarrier 896 Belt End Option

Wire Clip

More belt colors available.

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Tensabarrier all belt colors

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