SkyPro 1500 Mobile Long 150' ft. Belt Belt Retractable Barrier

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SkyPro 1500 Mobile Long 150' ft. Belt Belt Retractable Barrier

The SkyPro allows a single person to restrict access to very large areas in just minutes. Fitted with two 75 foot retracting belt units on a wheeled stand the SkyPro has a total of 150 feet of belt length making this the longest retracting belt barrier available.

Simply wheel the SkyPro into position and then extend the belts. The swiveling belt housings allow the belts to be deployed in a straight line at 90 degrees to each other or at any offset angle. The SkyPro’s standard belt end connects to another SkyPro unit or to a wall receiver or an S-Clip belt end can be supplied so the belt can be secured around any vertical structure. The wheeled base not only makes movement of the unit easy but its heavy weight makes the SkyPro stable in windy conditions.

Ideal for restricting access on airport tarmacs, stadiums, factories, warehouses, parking garages, or anywhere long length safety barriers are required. The SkyPro stanchion can be ordered with an optional flashing light for nighttime visibility.

  • Weatherproof
  • Longest retractable belt barrier
  • Wheeling base
  • Swivel belt housing
  • Locking belt end
  • High visibility yelow body
  • Optional light available