Pre-cut Cord with Thumbscrews for "Q-Cord" Stanchion

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Pre-cut Cord with Thumbscrews for "Q-Cord" Stanchion

These cords are designed for use with the Cord Wall Terminator in between a wall and a "Q-Cord" Museum Stanchion with Retractable 7' Cord

The pre-cut cords are cut to the length as specified by the customer (max. 8' ft). They have a thumbscrew on each end and screw into the Stanchion and the Wall Terminator.

How to Order

Select the length maximum 8' ft. If you want us to make an exact length, please email us the details after placing your order. For example, "please make the cord for a 5' ft 3" inch opening". We will account for the stretch in the cord so the cords don't droop.

Price is per cord, please order two for a double cord stanchion.

It's a custom made product, therefore it's not returnable.

How to Install

q-cord pre-cut cord
To set up a cord barrier in between two walls you will need to:
  1. Install the Cord Wall Terminator on the left wall.
  2. Connect the Pre-cut Cord to the Wal Terminator and connect the other end to the "Q-Cord" Museum Stanchion.
  3. Use one or more "Q-Cord" Stanchion to form a continuous barrier. Every stanchion has a cord inside that retracts up to 7 ft. 39" height stanchion has two cords, 20" height stanchion has one cord, both are ADA compliant.
  4. Install the Cord Wall Terminator on the right wall and connect the retractable cords to it from the last stanchion.

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