Museum & Art Gallery Stanchion, 16" Tall, Removable with Floor Socket

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Floor SOCKET CAP (Optional "Add-on")

This stainless steel floor socket cap is designed to cover the floor socket if you need to remove the Museum & Art Gallery Stanchion temporarily.

Museum & Art Gallery Stanchion, 16" Tall, Removable with Floor Socket


Q-Cord™ Art Stanchion barriers have the same clean, architectural look and feel as the Q-Cord Retractables line, but in a smaller form for discreet use in galleries and exhibitions. The new, exclusive Twist & Lock Tops prevent loss of component parts and ensure the system retains its sleekly designed look over time. Q-Cord Art Stanchions create a clear division between what they surround and separate without disturbing sightlines to the exhibit.

  • Surrounding Works of Art & Special Objects
  • Creating "No Touch Zones"
  • Defining Visitor Separation
  • Protecting Displays
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Grey Powder Coat
  • Black Powder Coat
  • White Powder Coat
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Custom Finishes

Wood Floor Socket

The socket for wood floors has a small flange at the top of the socket with screw holes to help stabilize the installation in the wood floor.

Masonry Floor Socket

Description & Specifications

Installation - some customers use an industrial grade epoxy or a hydraulic cement to fix the sockets in the ground. The materials used really depends on what your installer feels comfortable using with your floor.

When the sockets are installed, the installer must ensure that the socket is completely level. If it is not level, your posts will look all crooked when installed. If the socket is tilted, even by what seems a little bit, the post will look drastically tilted. We would recommend testing the position of the sockets by putting the post into the socket before it is installed to ensure that it is level and then remove the post to finish the installation. Removing debris from the socket will also help with a clean, level installation as well.

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Wellavita Inc is a distributor for major US brands of crowd control stanchions, public guidance barriers, and other products for managing waiting lines. Manufacturer of one-of-the-kind custom made velvet ropes and barricades.

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