Extra Long 55'-75' ft. "WallPro 750" Retractable Wall Mounted Belt Barrier

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Extra Long 55'-75' ft. "WallPro 750" Retractable Wall Mounted Belt Barrier

  • Available with 55’ and 75’ belt lengths the 750 model is the longest self-retracting wall mount on the market.
  • The housing is made of aluminum so is incredibly strong and weather resistant.
  • Due to the extreme belt length we have taken great care to engineer the spring mechanism so the belt stands straight and does not sag.
  • The unit is supplied complete with mounting bracket, wall fixings, and receiver clip so you do not have to order multiple items to receive a functional product.
  • The standard model is supplied with a yellow/black diagonal striped (chevron) belt but any of our belt options can be fitted for an upcharge.

The WallPro 750 is a wall mounted retracting belt barrier designed for restricting access in very long span applications such as warehouses, machine guards, and airport tarmacs. The belt mechanism is protected by a heavy-duty housing designed for outdoor use and is supplied with a wall mounting bracket for attachment to any vertical surface. The mounting bracket is adjustable allowing the belt unit to be set so the belt can be pulled out at any angle.

5 Belt Designs - Same Price

  • Yellow/Black - Diagonal Stripes
  • Yellow/Black - "CAUTION-DO NOT ENTER"
  • Red/White - "NO PARKING"
  • 30+ more belt colors are available for an additional fee, also can be custom printed with your design.

Belt End Options

WallPro 750 Standard Belt End


Connects to a receiver clip (supplied)and locks in place.

WallPro 750 S-clip Belt End


Wraps around any vertical structure and clips back onto the belt.

The head unit can be simply removed from the wall mount bracket so the same unit can be used on multiple mounting brackets within your facility. The head unit can be simply removed from the wall mount bracket so the same unit can be.


Height: 5.3"
Depth: 9.5"
Weight: 27lb
Belt Width: 2"
Belt Length: 40' to 75'

NOTE: When retracting the belt were commend walking it back into the unit. Allowing the belt to drag on the ground can damage the belt end and cause the belt to twist.

WallPro 750 Wall Fixings


  • Heavy duty ABS body, durable and weather proof
  • Woven nylon belt, won't fray or pucker
  • Adjustable mount, belt can pull out at an angle
  • Locking belt end so belt can't accidentally detach
  • Belt brake for slow safe belt retraction
  • Detachable from mount (needs wrench) - one head can be used on multiple mounts

Previous model

The old design was discontinued in 2019, the enclosure was made of aluminum and it was twice as heavy. Heavy-duty ABS plastic is an extremely durable material that is being used now. If you must have an aluminum unit, please inquire.

Here is the image of the old design below.

WallPro 750 Previous Model

Company Name Change 

As of 3/29/2023 we have officially changed our company name to "Barrier HQ Inc." (the previous name was "Wellavita, Inc.")

Only the company name and domain have changed, everything else stays the same. We are in the process of updating all documentation to reflect the new name right now.

"Barrier HQ Inc." is a distributor for major US brands of crowd control stanchions, public guidance barriers, and other products for managing waiting lines. Manufacturer of one-of-the-kind custom made velvet ropes and barricades.

Address: 329 W 18th St. Suite 705, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

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