Galvanized Steel 7.5' ft. Pedestrian Barricade, Lightweight 24 Lbs

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Galvanized Steel 7.5' ft. Pedestrian Barricade, Lightweight 24 Lbs

Designed to provide an effective demarcation solution.

With robust tubular steel frames, designed safety features combined with our rigorous testing for our barriers to give you the quality and reliability you need. Products that offer you better performance, strength and safety through innovation and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Unparalleled testing processes of rigorous quality checks ensure only the most reliable products reach you and your customers.

New hook mechanism.

A new improved hook system means that once installed the barriers can be dismantled from one end preventing unauthorized removal.

Foot Strengthening Bar.

Our patented (foot) strengthening bar dramatically improves the strength of the v4 design.

New hook mechanism.

Improved foot design.

An improved foot design has removed any sharp edges preventing serious injury occurring should a crowd manage to push over the barriers.

Improved shape.

An improved shape of our fence has elimated possible frame failures and looks great too.

Improved foot design

Smaller aperture.

The smaller aperture between infill bars creates a more secure fence.

Reduced welding points.

Our new barriers have been totally redesigned to reduce the amount of welding which reduces the potential of rust and removes the need for over painting.

Reduced welding points

Rigorous testing.

All barriers are rigorously tested to ensure both the infill bars and feet are able to withstand even, the toughest conditions.

Brand your barriers.

We can now also offer the opportunity to brand your entire order so you can keep track of your assets. Subject to minimum orders.

Improved foot design

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